Our Photo Gallery 

Photos to illustrate the life of St. James the Apostle.

Worship – liturgy and music

As you will see, our worship services are rich and diversified. Our main service is a rather…

People • Life Milestones

Here are photos of people in the parish. We have photos of significant milestones (Baptisms,…

Christian Education


Christian education takes many forms. We usually have programmes after the service during Advent and Lent, as well as occasional evening…

Fellowship Events and Community Building

We have an active social life! We organize informal events, as well as more exuberant events like…


Conferences and activities such as the Diocesan Synod, seminars and other events witch typically have a spiritual value.

Neighbourhood Activities


The Church – and especially Shatford Hall which is located immediately West of it – are often used for concerts organized by the city as…