The Columbarium

Housed in the Writers’ Chapel

The Columbarium

The Columbarium of St. James the Apostle Church is located in the Writers’ Chapel. The chapel, which is used for the Sunday 8:30 a.m. service and other occasional services, is a lovely place to sit, pray and meditate with the colourful stained glass windows allowing a relaxing light into the room.

The Columbarium provides permanent niches for the interment of cremated remains of St. James the Apostle members, former members, and their immediate families.

It was constructed in 1986, with 18 niches on both sides of the altar. Each niche can hold two containers (provided by the church) with the name of the deceased person and year of death on it. One brass memorial plaque will be provided and engraved with the family name. The cost of the urn and engraving are included in the fee.

A niche may be reserved but may not be transferred or re-assigned. It may, however, be released back to the church within a year of reservation and any fee will be returned in full.

Persons may reserve a niche in the Columbarium upon a payment of $1000. The Church has established a system of random space allocation for all niches sold. However, a family whose relatives remains are in the Columbarium may reserve an adjacent or nearby niche or niches for future use.

The Rector is available for counseling regarding the Columbarium as a choice for burial and any further information regarding burial services, other related policies and costs.

History of Columbariums

Christians from the earliest times have buried their dead in consecrated areas in close proximity to their place of worship. When Christians in the First Century fled to the catacombs, they set aside special areas called columbariums for burials. The word “columbarium” comes from the Latin columba, which means the dwelling place of a dove. This name may have been selected because of the resemblance of the burial niches to dovecotes, but the dove also is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, whose presence is associated with the resting place of the faithful departed.

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